The Sights Unseen

Sensenig Family RV Adventures


Before we went to bed last night, Hannah already had the day planned for us. Sweet Frog (a local yogurt shop) and the ‘fish’ playground (Sugar Hollow Park). She has named that park the ‘fish’ playground since we first moved to Southwest Virginia. There is a climbing area and slide in the shape of a fish, hence the nickname.

We actually ended up doing things a bit differently. We went shopping for a friend’s birthday gift, then  to Sweet Frog. Hannah decided it was too hot to go to the park and instead wanted to go to the YMCA to swim. Can I just say how happy I am to have the freedom to choose or not to choose to do an activity based on desires, likes, dislikes or temperature of the weather?

So, we head home to gather our swimwear, towels and goggles and off to the swimming pool we go. Going swimming with Hannah always takes me back to my childhood. As a young child, I was exposed to swimming at a very early age, going to the lake, swimming and water skiing. I was a member of the local swim team and competed in events as well. I wasn’t the best swimmer on the team, in fact, it took me quite a while to get to the point of many of the others on the team, but I still loved swimming and I gave it my all. Unfortunately, my time on the swim team came to an end around age 12 when I was in an accident that involved me being attacked by a german shepherd. He left me with 40 stitches under my left arm and during my recovery I had to let the swimming go by the wayside. I never picked it back up as far as competing, but I have continued to swim since then and still love it to this day.

So, all that to say…when my daughter says she wants to swim, we swim. When she first began to learn, we took a mommy and me class together and she was exposed to being in the water in a fun and relaxed way. After that lesson, she didn’t want to take any more lessons, but wanted to learn on her own and wanted me to swim with her.  Over the last 2 years, I have watched her basically teach herself how to swim and to swim well. She has taught herself to swim underwater, swim across the pool in order to pass a swim test to jump off the diving board, backstroke, complete handstands in the water and now she is working on freestyle. She is one amazing little swimmer.

This is another area that has shown me that when I step back and allow her to pursue her passions without interference from me, then she learns and grows and excels because she is joyfully pursuing what she loves. She knows I am there to help, encourage and facilitate, but she takes the reins completely and is in control of her learning. It is truly a beautiful sight to have the privilege to stand back and watch. And stand back I will….and learn she will.

Different Tastes

I’ve been thinking of the art of cooking. It’s fairly easy to cook for yourself…you know what your likes and dislikes are and can come up with creative ways to please your own taste buds. Cooking for two really isn’t that hard either because it includes the give and take of each other and working together to achieve what you desire. BUT cooking for a family of four with different tastes CAN present a challenge….if you choose to look at it that way.

My family’s tastes vary. My son has chosen to eat vegan (not only eat vegan, but also adopt the vegan lifestyle in all areas of thinking). My daughter LOVES her meat, cheese, eggs….all the things that are not acceptable in my son’s world of eating. My husband and I can go either way we need to go to support our kids’ choices.  I think I am at a point of allowing for anything that provides joy. If it tastes good and my body responds well to it, then I usually allow myself to enjoy it.

So…as I said before, this could present some difficulty. Some may say they are not going to cook several meals for their family, just to suit their tastes. I can understand that desire to not make dinnertime a long, drawn out process. But I think we have gotten to the point to actually allow it to be a beautiful time of connecting and finding out what foods we like and why. Helping our kids think through their choices and even make their own foods, the way they like them.  It pushes me to be a better mom…to be more present with my kids and the food that they eat. To bring them into what I am doing and recognize that they so desperately want to help create the meals with the ingredients that they love.

It all part of the perspective change that I am trying to make in my life. A more simple, creative and connected life with the people I love. And I get to spend lots of time on the Food Network…how cool is that?!