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December 01, 2018

6 Years!

Today we celebrate 6 years of traveling together! So hard to believe. So much has changed in those 6 years, but one thing remains the same. We are solidly on this journey together and love the connections that we make and the beauty that we engage with along the way. There is always a new adventure with new experiences awaiting and we are so in love with each encounter.

The year began with the realization that we needed to change our plan to travel west and stay in Texas for a time. That time ended up lasting until August! We explored a whole lot of Texas during that time and connected with some fabulous people!

We also experienced some significant losses this year of some very special people. We have included a few photos of those people in our video as the memories of them are still very much alive in our hearts.

We are looking forward to many more adventures and connections with people that cross our paths as we embark on this next phase of our magnificent journey!

Beauty and Blessing Awaits!



January 06, 2018

5 Year Nomadiversary

December 1, 2017 marked 5 years that we have been traveling together in our RV. So much has changed in those 5 years and so many opportunities have been opened for us. The opportunity to connect with those that we love, opportunities tied to our passions in life and opportunities to see new places and reconnect with some old ones, too.

Most of this year’s traveling has been driven by Steve’s musical opportunties. For much of the year, he was playing keys for Classic Nashville Roadshow, which is a touring show. We stayed mostly on the east coast, but also ventured into Iowa, Indiana, and Texas. We attempted some sight seeing as he was touring, but were unable to stay too long in those particular places.

He also had a couple of music opportunities at Florida Southern College. Those were extended stays, so there was more of an opportunity to see friends, visit the beach (one trip to Sarasota and another to Cocoa Beach where we  were able to watch a rocket launch!) and explore the areas we were visiting. One particular stop in NC allowed us to visit and do some sight seeing in Asheville, which was wonderful. Such a beautiful town, full of creative energy…and so close to Boone, which was really nice.

We enjoyed some time in Texas visiting friends with an extended stay in a new (to us!) town: Fredricksburg. We loved exploring the town and visited a wildflower center as well. We just missed the bluebonnets blooming, though! We attended an unschooling conference and also spoke about RVing and learning together as we travel. It was really great to reconnect with some people that we love and enjoyed meeting new friends as well.

By the end of April, the touring schedule started to slow down and we took some time to visit family in Boone and in PA, before heading off to Maine for the month of May. During our stay in PA, both Steve and Calista had a hair color change, which they both loved!

Maine was simply amazing, We all fell in love with it. Exploring the coastal area of Maine was particularly wonderful, with its breathtaking views and quaint towns within walking distance. We were also within driving distance to friends in Massachussetts, so that was an extra special gift. Being able to connect with others while we travel is a pretty incredible feeling and every time those connections are of great depth, care and love, it makes us want to stay a little bit longer. We definitely felt that pull during our time in Maine. We celebrated Steve’s birthday at the beginning of the month in Boone and in PA and then celebrated Christy’s in Maine.

Our next stop was Missouri. We stayed there for a month for Steve to play keys for a musical at Southeastern Missouri State University and we also were able to take a trip to St. Louis and took a ride inside the arch. That was so cool! To view St Louis from the top of the arch was so amazing and wonderful. On one side you see the city of St Louis, on the other, you can view the Mississippi River.  We also visited the St. Louis Zoo which was wonderful as well. You have to pay to park, but the zoo is free. All in all, St. Louis is a great place to visit!

July was packed full for us. Performances for Steve in Kingsport, TN and in Blowing Rock, NC and a week long voice academy for Calista at Lisa Kelly Voice Academy in Peachtree City, GA, a short stay in Boone and Advance, NC before ending it with a family concert (along with our dear friend, Krista!) in Blowing Rock, NC.  We needed a LONG nap afterwards, for sure.

At the beginning of August, we traveled to Michigan so that we could park the RV as close to Canada as possible. Steve had a 1 week gig with another touring show and he needed to be able to cross the border to perform. Calista was able to celebrate her birthday in Canada. We took a trip to Niagara Falls during our stay which was on one hand an incredible sight as a beautiful natural wonder, but on the other hand very commercialized, which we were not expecting. We had the absolute pleasure of meeting up with a dear friend in London, Ontario, which was a very fulfilling and connecting time.

During September, we stayed in Pennsylvania and were pleasantly surprised at how much we loved staying near Lancaster. We have visited there so many times over the years, but never really explored downtown Lancaster. We fell in love with it! So many coffee shops, a bead studio and a co working space, plus we had some wonderful connected time with family and friends, too. It was truly a time we hold close to our hearts. We celebrated Dylan with a very low key birthday celebration.

Steve had the opportunity to fulfill one of his lifelong dreams of playing Rhapsody In Blue with a Symphony Orchestra. This opportunity came to be through the partnership with Symphony of the Mountains in Kingsport, TN. Our families were able to come see the performance and we also were surprised by our dear friends, The Church’s (another traveling family that we LOVE!) He was so brilliant and the collaboration with Symphony of the Mountains was perfect!

Georgia, Kentucky and Florida were next on our calendar, for more performances for Steve before heading toward New Orleans for a few days. We had the opportunity to go to a BBQ and Blues Festival where we saw the amazing Robert Cray perform. And we ate beignets!

We ended up in Texas again and enjoyed exploring Houston, Katy and Austin, mostly. Connected with friends, made some new amazing new ones, ate great BBQ and visited a museum in Austin, enjoyed some amazing city parks in the middle of Houston, enjoyed coffee and craft beer in Katy and mostly enjoyed being with one another.

It seems like a lot of things packed into a year and I suppose it is, but we don’t regret a minute. Living this life journey is exactly where we want to be and hopefully, our paths will cross yours in the year to come.

Beauty and Blessing Awaits.

Enjoy the video below. It is a complilation of photos from the last year. A huge thank you to Dylan for helping me get this video together. Without his help, you would not be viewing it now! Thank you, Dylan! You are amazing!!!


March 25, 2017

4 Year Nomadiversary

I meant to post this  here a few months ago. I was able to place it on our facebook page, but forgot to post here! We celebrated our 4 Year Nomadiversary on December 1 and we are looking forward to many more adventures!!!

November 05, 2016

Park City, Kentucky

We almost didn’t make it to Kentucky.

What seems to be an endless saga of repairs happening for the RV just about kept us from our Halloween plans, but we persevered and were so glad that we did! We were able to meet up with our fantastic friends, The Church Family, and spent some great quality time with them. We took the time to enjoy so much on this trip. Lots of great memories were made!

Our first outing was a walk through the visitor center at Mammoth Cave National Park and a walk on one of the trails near the park. It was a gorgeous day and we timed it just perfectly to be able to see the sun setting.


The following day we visited the National Corvette Museum and Plant Tour in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We had a fabulous time! So much fun and the tour was simply amazing. We were able to see the process of creating a corvette from the beginning to the end. One of our friends was chosen to start one of the cars as it completed coming through the processing line. Cool opportunity for a 12 year old! We also were able to see where a massive sinkhole swallowed up several classic cars in 2014. They have turned it into a major part of their museum. Here is a news article from USA Today about the event.




Trick or treating was planned at the campground early in the weekend and the kids took part in the festivities…and they of course received lots of candy.


The next day we visited the Lincoln Birthplace which is also part of the National Park system. This was located in Hodgenville, KY. The kids were able to work through the Junior Ranger workbook to earn a badge from their time exploring the park. We visited the memorial, walked some trails and walked through the museum. We also drove to Lincoln’s boyhood home and walked around that area. It was a very fascinating learning experience.







We experienced another night of trick or treating that was planned by the Nomadica group (a group of other families that travel full time and enjoy various activities together). The kids loved having an extra day of trick or treating!!

We had many more times of hiking, campfires and coffee time with our sweet friends. This time was just priceless to us.

The saying is true…home is where you feel loved and valued. And if that is true, and I believe that it is, we were home this week in Kentucky.

“Home wasn’t a set house, or a single town on a map. It was wherever the people who loved you were, whenever you were together. Not a place, but a moment, and then another, building on each other like bricks to create a solid shelter that you take with you for your entire life, wherever you may go.”
Sarah Dessen, What Happened to Goodbye

July 15, 2016

Review: Alice’s Tea Cup in NYC


Planning a trip to NYC is always an amazingly fun activity, knowing the possibilities are endless regarding all that we can do in a given day. We only had one day to spend there and we wanted to make it worth our time and also wanted to do something that everyone would enjoy.

As we were looking at all the possibilities that we had within our reach, a dear friend suggested a nice place to stop and enjoy something to eat as we explore. A place that she and her daughter had enjoyed as well. That place was Alice’s Tea Cup.


There were several locations to choose from and once we narrowed down which place was closest to our sight-seeing activities, we made definite plans to go, after getting the approval of the rest of the family! We went to Chapter II, the location on E 64th St., by the way!

When we walked into the restaurant, we were immediately taken in by the whimsical decor. A very quaint, peaceful and even magical place to enter into.



We were taken to a small table with a variety of beautiful tea cups placed on the table. The variety of teas available to try was seemingly endless, but we managed to narrow down a perfect choice for our family, Mango Flip. Our server was extremely helpful when we had certain questions about the tea, it’s origin and the type of flavor that we would experience. We also loved this tea so much that we bought some extra to share with our dear friends we would be visiting within the next week.



We loved the choices of food as well. So many sandwiches, burgers and salads to choose from, and all with their unique style. These were not choices you can find just anywhere. They were true to the Alice in Wonderland theme, and we felt like we were most definitely living in quite the dream.




As we finished our meal and prepared to leave, we began a conversation with Ramon, the manager of Alice’s Tea Cup. He asked where we were from and we talked about our journey, living and traveling in an RV. He was so excited to learn more, so we chatted for a few minutes and talked about how we do what we do. Since it was later in the day and the restaurant had a plentiful amount of scones left, he offered us two boxes of scones for our journey! They were so amazingly good and Ramon was a pleasure to talk to!


Alice’s Tea Cup is definitely on our list of places to return and hope that we have the opportunity to make it back again. If you are planning a trip to NYC in the future, we would like to encourage you to give Alice’s Tea Cup a try.

Tea, scones, wonderful food, amazing people and a setting that provides a unique and whimsical experience. All within walking distance from the heart and pulse of NYC. What more reason do you need?

Beauty and Blessing Awaits!

February 2016–Flooding and Florida

Calista informed us at the first of the month that it was time to say goodbye to her beloved barbies. These barbies have been her friends for many, many months so we were quite surprised to hear that she wanted to give them away. She not only wanted to give them away, but she wanted to make sure that they were given to children that lived in a children’s home. We were not very familiar with the options in the area, but we found a children’s home that operated a thrift store, so we bundled them up and delivered them to the Collins Children’s Home Thrift Store in Seneca, SC.


Smiling Calista after donating her Barbies

Smiling Calista after donating her Barbies

We explored the local area a bit and visited The Children’s Museum of the Upstate in Greenville, SC. It was a really fun museum and they had an exhibit that encouraged interactivity with all 50 states called Trivial Pursuit, A 50 State Adventure. It was fun to interact with the states and even be able to recognize some places that we have visited.


We also enjoyed a very fun Valentine’s Day as Steve had a gig with Katie Deal and Chris Wright in Gainesville, GA at Brenau University, just about an hour from the campground. It was such an amazing concert with so many outstanding musicians. We went out together and celebrated as a family at Mellow Mushroom. I think we have visited at least 10 different Mellow Mushroom restaurants in our travels and every one of them is unique! We topped off the night with a cheesecake that I made for everyone.




So, now to the exciting part of the month…well, all that happened prior was pretty exciting, but…

We had a flood. In our RV. Thank you non-working toilet that decided to work while we were gone for the day.  Lots of water on the floor and in the carpet. We tried valiantly to remove all the water, but we just couldn’t. So, we removed the carpet and put down the new flooring we have been wanting for 3 years. So, all in all a blessing in disguise, just not the route that we planned to take.


After we stripped the carpet from the slideout

In process of installing the flooring

In process of installing the flooring

Celebrating the completion of the finished flooring

Celebrating the completion of the finished flooring

It was really quite the project, but we were so happy to be able to complete it ourselves and it is exactly what we wanted. We love our new floor!

We topped off February with a very fun and refreshing trip to Florida to visit with friends and just enjoy a change of scenery. It turned out to be so much more refreshing than we thought it would be. It was a such an encouraging and uplifting week. We did not want to leave!

We found a great site on Easy St.

We found a great site on Easy St.

We sat by the pool with our good friend, Kaycee while the kids played

We sat by the pool with our good friend, Kaycee while the kids played

Mom's Night Out was a very fun time!

Mom’s Night Out was a very fun time!

Campfire with The Hannen's and our new friends, The Church's

Campfire with The Hannen’s and our new friends, The Church’s

Exploring Jensen Beach, FL

Exploring Jensen Beach, FL

Enjoying an evening with our beautiful friends, The Lincoln's

Enjoying an evening with our beautiful friends, The Lincoln’s

We went to see a great show in Lakeland, FL. We loved it, Christi!

We went to see a great show in Lakeland, FL. We loved it, Christi!



We had an amazing time connecting with our friends Phil and Heather in Lakeland, FL.

We had an amazing time connecting with our friends Phil and Heather in Lakeland, FL.

We met up with Christina at Starbucks. Christina, you are such a gem!

We met up with Christina at Starbucks. Christina, you are such a gem!



Enjoying our last day by the pool

Enjoying our last day by the pool

Even with the ups and downs of figuring out the flooring issue, we had such a fabulous February! We are filled with so much gratitude for every experience that comes our way. It is a beautiful life!

Beauty and Blessing Awaits!

February 05, 2016

January 2016~ Art and Music

We spent the first days of the new year traveling, boondocking and traveling some more as we made our journey from PA to SC. We were able to use Walmart parking lots for those stops and actually enjoyed the opportunity to stop for an evening, grab some food and travel again the next day…although too many of those days and we definitely feel the need to stay put for a bit longer.

We arrived in Fair Play, SC  at Carolina Landing RV Resort and were greeted with a sign with our name that said ‘guests of the day’. We have never had that happen and in fact, have never seen that kind of sign before at a Thousand Trails park. It was nice, though and very much a predictor of how our stay has been so far. Everyone is super nice and helpful. We absolutely love it.



Another awesome perk is meeting some great people while we are at Carolina Landing . Some very special friendships are forming and we are so thankful for the opportunities that we have to connect with new people along our journey.

Our main reason for coming to this area was for Calista to attend Lisa Kelly Voice Academy in Peachtree City, GA (near Atlanta). Our original plan was to stay closer to Atlanta, but that plan didn’t quite pan out, which was disappointing at first, but we now realize was a blessing in disguise. The class has been an amazing experience so far and Calista loves being able to focus on her singing and has enjoyed telling us about her experiences there. We are all very excited for her!!



We decided to stay closer to her class during our week out (with our TT membership we can stay three weeks, but have to be out one to return to the same park), so we found Sweetwater Creek RV Reserve in Austell, GA. We really enjoyed our stay there and we had closer access to places in Atlanta.

We visited Sandy Springs Playable Art Park on the Abernathy Greenway in Sandy Springs, GA. It was such a cool park! We loved it! Every structure was a piece of art created by local artists, but also meant to be playable. There was also a walking trail, but we ended up spending lots of time on the swings and climbing structures. If you are ever in the Atlanta area, we highly recommend experiencing this park!







We are really looking forward to what February will bring us…several adventures planned on the horizon, so stay tuned!

Beauty and Blessing Awaits!

January 08, 2016

2015~A Year in Music and Pictures

We enjoyed making the previous video so much, we decided to make one recapping all the events of 2015. Well, maybe not all, it is hard to capture all of our memories from the year! Steve had an amazing opportunity this year to arrange some music for Chloë Agnew to perform with the Atlanta Pops Orchestra in September of 2015. We used an arrangement for that concert in this video. We hope you enjoy our year in pictures!!


3 Year Nomadiversary!

It’s very hard to believe that we have been traveling for 3 years now. We have so much to be thankful for, have seen so many amazing places and met the most incredible people. One step toward a long awaited dream helped us discover a life full of joy, adventure and friends…so many wonderful friends!

There is really no way to contain all the memories that we have experienced in a single blog post, so we put together a video to show a few sights (definitely not all!!) that we have seen on this amazing journey.

I hope you enjoy this glimpse into our past 3 years…you may even see yourself in the video!

Beauty and Blessing Awaits!

Lancaster, PA 2015–Take 1

We arrived in Lancaster in time to celebrate my 48th birthday, which was awesome because we had the added surprise of meeting up with some sweet RVing friends, The Denkins. It was wonderful to be able to spend some time with them and to see our family and friends that live in the Lancaster area.

By the way, you will see me reference Hannah as Calista from now on. She has decided to change her first name. I’ll write more on that later because there is a story behind the name change that is really cool, or at least we think so!

Our site at Circle M in Lancaster, PA

Our site at Circle M in Lancaster, PA

Sunset at Circle M

Sunset at Circle M

Girls Day Out in Downtown Lancaster, PA

Girls Day Out in Downtown Lancaster, PA

Birthday dinner with the family

Birthday dinner with the family

Sweet birthday presents from the Denkins' kiddos.

Sweet birthday presents from Jenna Denkins and Calista.

Beading with these very eager young beaders. I loved their energy!

Beading with these very eager young beaders. I loved their energy!

Water park fun at Circle M.

Water park fun at Circle M.

I made my own birthday cheesecake...because...why not?

I made my own birthday cheesecake…because…why not?

Sharing cheesecake with the Denkins Fam!!

Sharing cheesecake with the Denkins Fam!!

Beauty and Blessing Awaits!