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February 05, 2016

January 2016~ Art and Music

We spent the first days of the new year traveling, boondocking and traveling some more as we made our journey from PA to SC. We were able to use Walmart parking lots for those stops and actually enjoyed the opportunity to stop for an evening, grab some food and travel again the next day…although too many of those days and we definitely feel the need to stay put for a bit longer.

We arrived in Fair Play, SC ¬†at Carolina Landing RV Resort and were greeted with a sign with our name that said ‘guests of the day’. We have never had that happen and in fact, have never seen that kind of sign before at a Thousand Trails park. It was nice, though and very much a predictor of how our stay has been so far. Everyone is super nice and helpful. We absolutely love it.



Another awesome perk is meeting some great people while we are at Carolina Landing . Some very special friendships are forming and we are so thankful for the opportunities that we have to connect with new people along our journey.

Our main reason for coming to this area was for Calista to attend Lisa Kelly Voice Academy in Peachtree City, GA (near Atlanta). Our original plan was to stay closer to Atlanta, but that plan didn’t quite pan out, which was disappointing at first, but we now realize was a blessing in disguise. The class has been an amazing experience so far and Calista loves being able to focus on her singing and has enjoyed telling us about her experiences there. We are all very excited for her!!



We decided to stay closer to her class during our week out (with our TT membership we can stay three weeks, but have to be out one to return to the same park), so we found Sweetwater Creek RV Reserve in Austell, GA. We really enjoyed our stay there and we had closer access to places in Atlanta.

We visited Sandy Springs Playable Art Park on the Abernathy Greenway in Sandy Springs, GA. It was such a cool park! We loved it! Every structure was a piece of art created by local artists, but also meant to be playable. There was also a walking trail, but we ended up spending lots of time on the swings and climbing structures. If you are ever in the Atlanta area, we highly recommend experiencing this park!







We are really looking forward to what February will bring us…several adventures planned on the horizon, so stay tuned!

Beauty and Blessing Awaits!

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