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June 01, 2015

Medford, New Jersey

During our stay in PA, Steve has had many opportunities to give some concerts in several different venues. We are looking forward to several more in the coming months, all located in PA. The weather has been gorgeous and we are loving being in the area. Not only have we been able to enjoy the opportunities for music, but also spending time with friends and family has definitely been an added bonus.

This week we have had the opportunity to spend time in ¬†Ocean View, NJ and we absolutely LOVE the campground here (I’ll post more about that later). We also traveled to Medford, NJ this weekend so that Steve could provide music for a small church there. We actually ended up staying at a Hampton Inn for the night (just much easier for us for various reasons). We enjoyed an amazing dinner with friends (smoked ribs and grilled bratwurst and burgers—so very good!!!) We connected with some new friends that we hope to see again when we go back to NC this fall. Then today, spent a large part of the day by the lake watching the kids swim and canoe. So fun!

So, if I had to sum up our day in one photo, this would be the one:


The ultimate in summer fun! Watching the kids jump off that deck over and over brought back some great memories of doing the same thing at their age!

Beauty and Blessing Awaits…

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