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April 19, 2014

City of Rocks State Park and Faywood Hot Springs, New Mexico


After leaving Hueco Tanks, we had an amazing ride through El Paso, TX and crossed the border into New Mexico. What an amazing view and welcome into the beautiful mountain range in the southern part of NM. We fell in love instantly with it’s beauty. Our plan was to meet back up with friends at City of Rocks Park and dry camp for a few days. There were no electric sites available so we were definitely there for the experience and for the view.

The rocks were simply amazing to view and the sunset was breathtaking as well. It was quite windy there, so we had to bundle up at night, but we are so glad we experienced the park!



Our campsite

Our campsite


With Kimberly and Jill :)

With Kimberly and Jill 🙂


We had several friends tell us that if we were near City of Rocks that we needed to go to Faywood Hot Springs. In fact, one friend said, “Don’t even think about it, just go!” With an endorsement like that, how could we not go!


So, we gathered all three families and made a day of it! It was amazing. The water was heavenly!

From the website regarding the history of the hot springs:

“The hot water flows from an opening in the top of a distinct mound of material known as “tufa.” The tufa dome was created over countless centuries from endless gallons of flowing mineral water deposited on the nearly flat desert floor. This unusual geologic phenomenon is a remnant of extremely violent episodes of volcanic activity occurring in this part of the world some 20 to 45 million years ago, in an era when the nearby City of Rocks State Park was formed. 

Prehistoric peoples probably revered the hot springs as a sacred healing place. The presence of circular depressions or mortar holes in the tufa dome suggests early use of the springs by these nomadic hunter-gatherers. Pottery and other artifacts found in the vicinity attests that the villagers from the nearby Mimbres pueblos knew of these warm healing waters, as did the later Apaches. It was an ideal place to erase the winter chill before migrating to the mountains for the summer.”

There are also RV and tent camping sites available for those that want to stay for an extended time. We did not take advantage of those sites because we were just minutes away at the state park, but we were so glad we experienced the hot springs. Everyone there was very accommodating and welcoming. I would highly recommend putting this destination on your list of places to visit. You will not regret it.



Beauty and Blessing Awaits!

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  1. Judy Gale says:

    Just a note to say “Hi” and thanks for sharing your journey!

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      Thanks for commenting, Judy! So happy to see you 🙂

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