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October 03, 2013

A Day of Learning

It’s an odd title really….learning is happening all the time in all that we do. So, it’s not so much that we learned so much more today than any other. It’s really just a typical ‘day in the life’…although, no two days are the same.

It’s what I love so much about unschooling. Learning happens at each moment, the moment that it’s the most interesting. Once that moment passes, it’s gone. We may come back to it later, maybe not….but catching the passion and eagerness to learn in that moment is what makes life so very lovely for us.

When we woke this morning, Steve and I both knew we had some work that needed to be done, which meant he needed some place to write piano arrangements without distraction and I needed to get some work done before Hannah awoke. I had just started working when she woke up. That’s when I usually put my work aside and spend time with her. But this morning was a little different. She wanted to create, which meant she wanted to draw and to write. So, while she was creating, I was able to tackle a good chunk of work. We chatted and connected while I was working and she was creating and it flowed really beautifully.

Hannah drew this picture of herself and her friend, Ali. Apparently, there were having a fine time playing while animals surrounded them, including a walrus (pictured in the middle):


Another picture. When I asked her what it was, she said “It is a king and a queen on a wet, rainy day with their cat and dog that are eating a very large egg.” :


After her time of drawing, she grabbed a notebook and started writing. No prompting on my part, she just wanted to write. (You will also notice she was practicing writing the letter “H” on her knee.)


She handed me the notebook and read it to me. She tends to write her letters and words from right to left instead of the other way around and is still trying to figure out those pesky little N’s and M’s, but I loved that she was so happy with her work and I wouldn’t have corrected her for anything! It says, in her words, “I Hannah love mommy”:


She went on to play with her barbies, which led to wanting to watch a barbie movie, which didn’t last because she looked outside and spotted a few deer, grabbed her camera and said, ‘Let’s Go!” So off we went to check out the scene outside:

The deer watching to see what exactly we are doing in their space. They shared it with us...

The deer watching to see what exactly we are doing in their space. They shared it with us…

We spotted a dung beetle crossing our path as went walked to the playground. They were so fascinating!

We spotted a dung beetle crossing our path as we walked to the playground. He was quite fascinating!

Hannah picked up a rock and we loved all the colors that were showing. Completely white on the outside, but beautiful shades of coral and pink on the inside:


Next on the agenda was face painting:


A trip to HEB and doing laundry/hanging out in the activity center at the campground while playing Chutes and Ladders (among other activities) finished out our day.

This day was a reminder to me how much I love the process of learning and how a child so passionate about life can capture those moments of the pure joy of learning. I can’t imagine living and learning any other way. It’s a natural process that blossoms in each child when they are ready. And when they are ready….just watch the beauty of it all unfold before you. It is captivating.

Beauty and Blessing Awaits,




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