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February 16, 2013

Music Camp or Play with a New Friend?

We returned to music camp at the same location of the rally we attended in the previous weeks. This music camp was free to attend, you just needed to choose your instrument. Hannah decided to choose vocals.

The premise of the camp was actually a great idea…they just lacked some organization. With all the kids there, we needed to know some sort of plan. Instructors didn’t show and all the events started 30 minutes late. Needless to say, this scenario did not sit well with Hannah girl and she quickly lost interest. At the same time, another gal, who was camping close to us, decided she didn’t want to attend the camp, either.

So, they devised a plan. It was play time for the rest of the weekend. And you know what? It was fine with us. They were having fun exploring and connecting, so they were free to just have fun together. That’s what I love about this life we are living. Giving our children the freedom to explore (or not explore) what interests them. It makes for a happier life, for sure.

A view of Suwannee River

A view of Suwannee River

Playing with a new friend

Playing with a new friend

Look at those happy faces…the best sight in the world!

Beauty and Blessing Awaits,



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