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Sensenig Family RV Adventures

September 25, 2012

Late Night Learning

Learning happens all the time around here. It just does. Because we want our kiddos to learn how to regulate their own bodies when they need rest, we do not have specific bedtimes. That is not to say that we just stay up til the wee hours every single night. We are partners with our children in helping them regulate their own bodies. This does mean that sometimes we stay up late, because it is important to them to do so. Recently, Hannah was up and wanted to watch Tinkerbell. She spontaneously wanted to make something after see the fairies ‘tinkering’. So, she grabbed a plastic bottle, some paint and construction paper and went to work making a handmade flower vase. And made me a picture with a heart and her name painted on it. I love my life and connection with my family. I can’t imagine living my life any other way.

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