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September 21, 2012

Creative Expression

In our journey into unschooling and allowing our kids the freedom to choose their own passions and to follow their plan for their day, we have discovered many things that I am not sure would have been given the true value it deserves if we had been following a different plan (namely, a plan that we would choose for our kids). I have loved seeing what interests develop. Some interests have come and gone quickly and some have lingered on, but each choice is giving them the freedom to see where their heart and desire leads them.

After our trip to Boone, Hannah still was thinking about apples and we had quite a few left over. So, we made an apple pie to enjoy at home. She  really enjoyed helping me and wanted to carve the letter “H”  in the middle of the pie. It was very yummy. This is an activity that Hannah loves…cooking and baking with Mommy. And Mommy loves it, too!

Photography is another area that Hannah loves. She very easily adapts to the camera and has a great eye for an excellent photo. I have a very versatile camera, a Nikon D-3000. At first I was a little nervous letting her use it, and sometimes I do need to remind her not to bump it on the table, but overall she uses it with great care. She has her own camera that she also loves, but likes to use Mommy’s camera, too.  She takes pictures of me, the cats and really anything that interests her. I love seeing what her eye captures!

Something else that Hannah has been exploring is her ability to write letters and put them together to form words. She has been able to use various mediums for creating pictures with words and I love seeing what she creates!

Honestly, given the freedom to learn and express herself, she amazes me each and every day. I am so grateful to be by her side, watching her grow and learn. And I get to learn so much in the process as well. It’s  a blessed life, for sure.

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